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Not only do we continue making use of the most advanced technology to satisfy our customers in AV/IT requirements but also striving to unify quality standard for our industry, thereby enhancing comfort and convenience in business activities and daily lives.

Founded in 1986, Vega evolved from a local distributor of audiovisual equipment to a total solution provider in pro AV/IT industry. Today, we are one of the leading international AV/IT companies and have the full capability to serve the global corporate clients, no matter the size of their projects and the locations.

With a view to satisfying the needs of our global corporate clients we have expanded our operational capabilities across the global markets since 2010 by setting up our branches in different strategic locations including China, Macau, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA.

We are the first Asian company having obtained the qualification of Audiovisual Provider of Excellence accredited by InfoComm – the only certifying body in our industry. Our staff possess recognized qualifications and solid experience in handling hundreds of global projects and are capable of providing full range of services to the clients.

Why we are the best
Vega strives to deliver best value to our clients in everything we do. Being one of the biggest AV/IT solutions providers in APAC, with the global presence, we set the standards for quality, service and professionalism in our sector. Our global presence enables our customers to enjoy a consistent Vega engagement internationally. Today, Vega has become a clear choice solutions provider for local and international customers.
Vega proactively introduces the latest technologies to the market strengthening communication, shortening the geographic distance, eliminating the barriers and reducing the waste of resources, hence increasing our clients’ competitive edge. AV / IT solutions cover a wide range of aspects such as telepresence, unified communications, interactive multimedia system and so on. With a comprehensive range of skills and man-power, we pride ourselves on our consistent quality and ability to implement projects quickly and effectively.

“We are very impressed and pleased with Vega team’s knowledge and work ethics. They contributed their best effort and carried out incredible energy into ensuring that the project runs smoothly. Their performance has exceeded our expectations.”

Winnie Yu, WH Group
Winnie Yu, WH Group

“Due to the huge support from the whole Vega team, we eventually have a very admirable AV system that even IT personnel give good regard of it. The AV system has given us a modern and high tech image among our fellow clinics.”

Shiuman Ho, United Christian Hospital
Shiuman Ho, United Christian Hospital

“Vega not only provided excellent service but a superior installation and follow through with the work once completed was great. I would not hesitate to recommend Vega to others.”

Bonnie Wan, National Australia Bank
Bonnie Wan, National Australia Bank

“Thanks for making the project well executed and expertly managed.”

Chico Dominguez, Viju Group
Chico Dominguez, Viju Group

We are very glad to have such a knowledgeable project management team to assist us along the way, their professionalism, attention to detail and customer oriented approach were the key to deliver the successful outcome.

Dian Tong, Tommy Hilfiger
Dian Tong, Tommy Hilfiger

“A token of appreciation towards your on-site technical supports and marvelous performance. The professionalism of Vega’s event manager has made the project smoothly. His get-things-done attitude deserves rounds of big applause. Thanks so much for his efforts and thanks for Vega’s arrangements.”

Helen Lee, Hong Kong Productivity Council
Helen Lee, Hong Kong Productivity Council

“We are impressed and pleased with the PM and his team. We would recommend Vega’s services to other organizations.”

Croven Phang, PCCW
Croven Phang, PCCW

“I noticed and appreciated your teammates attention to detail and relentless determination to release a quality product on time and provide professional support service to us.”

William Louie, Franklin Templeton
William Louie, Franklin Templeton

“We would like to express our appreciation to Vega for their excellent AV service in our new office project and AV system upgrade for combined room.”

Wills Wei, eBay
Wills Wei, eBay

“Your firm did an outstanding job, from helping systemsGo to gather the requirements, all the way to the final phase.”

Colin Johnson, SystemsGo
Colin Johnson, SystemsGo

“Thanks for everybody‘s effort in making our relocation go live.  It’s not an easy job within a short span to co-ordinate with different parties and make it happen.”

Kristi Chang, CPA Global
Kristi Chang, CPA Global

“A compliment for Vega’s AV team for the excellent service they are providing to the VIP regional management users. This is much appreciated.”

Riaz Hasanbhai, Deutsche Bank AG
Riaz Hasanbhai, Deutsche Bank AG

“Vega understands our needs and offers us excellent educational technology services. I would say, Vega is the best.”

Sunny Poon, VTC
Sunny Poon, VTC

“Many thanks to Vega for another job well done !”

Mylene Tan, Cushman & Wakefield
Mylene Tan, Cushman & Wakefield
Case Studies

As far as the banking and financial sector is concerned, time is money. Vega AV/IT system can ensure the financial experts to get the most updated and reliable information for making accurate investment decisions.

Multimedia teaching is helpful to students in knowledge absorption. Vega offers various solutions to satisfy the needs of education sector. Distant learning, communication between different locations and interactive solutions are gaining more and more popularity among the sector.

Efficiency is one of the key considerations for corporate AV system purchasing decision. At the same time, such system will still need to adhere to international standards and be able to interface with other systems throughout the world.

In the recent years public demand for medical services is getting higher and higher. Vega audiovisual technologies are conducive in upgrading the level of medical services.

A prestigious store not only sells products, but also upholds a refined brand image and store atmosphere. Vega can provide a customized AV/IT solution that elevates your store’s niche, high-end image.

Government needs to carry out in-depth analysis and research before policy-making. Vega can provide AV/IT solutions, which effectively enhance the precision during the process of analysis.

For world-class hotels, comprehensive service and facilities are the keys to success. Vega is ready to offer a state-of-the-art AV/IT solutions, which bring innovation to your hotel and maximize your business opportunities.

Vega provides a series of AV/IT solution to satisfy the needs of religion in conducting various assemblies and activities.

Vega can make use of the professional audiovisual technology innovatively to showcase the contents and images of the exhibition in museums and exhibition centres.

Our Managed Services are designed to ensure that your personnel get optimal usage, performance and return on your technology investments.

Vega’s Solution Consultants provide highly skilled and experienced services – detailed consultation across the solutions and architecture strategy for videoconferencing and audiovisual systems.
Vega’s Technology Strategy service delivers tangible ROI to our customers. With a wide and complex market of vendor technologies, and in a world reliant on effective communication and collaboration, it is vital.

Vega’s Project Managers drive the programme-management for your videoconferencing and audiovisual systems and components projects.
Vega’s Applications Trainers deliver the end-user applications training across our videoconferencing and audiovisual solutions.

Vega’s Space Planning services are designed to ensure that our customers achieve the optimal benefit from their technology investments.

Vega is committed to long-term welfare of its customers’ technology investments. So all Vega implementations can be wrapped with a cost-effective Vega Maintenance & Support program to meet your individual needs.
Business partners
Vega Global News
AVIXA continues to recognize Vega Global as Provider of Excellence for the Fourth Consecutive Year

Feb 22, 2018

  Vega Global, the leading solution provider of superior AV technologies to many multinational companies, has once again been recognized by AVIXA (Formerly known as InfoComm) as AV Provider of Excellence Company for four consecutive years. This designation is a prestigious credential earned by integration companies and AV design consulting firms that set high standards…

Karri Ahde Appointed as New Country Manager for Vega Vietnam

Feb 02, 2018

  Vega Global has announced the appointment of Mr. Karri Ahde as the new Country Manager for Vietnam with effect from January 2018. In his new role as Country Manager, Karri will leverage his extensive background to execute and advance the business strategy of Vega Vietnam. He will be responsible for managing the overall operations…


Jan 29, 2018

In the recent Annual Country Managers Strategy Meeting held in Cebu Philippines, Vega Global have launched several strategic initiatives to coordinate our service structures and to expand and accelerate our international business. These include updates to our platform to improve global business operations, service offerings, and the expansion of our global sales force. In 2017,…

Vega Joins Student Volunteers to Visit Home for the Elderly

Dec 20, 2017

To promote our corporate values, by raising local community awareness and to inspire students to volunteer, a team from our Hong Kong Head Office joined the “Life Buddies” Scheme for the 2nd consecutive year. This year, Vega partnered with SKH Kei Hau Secondary School to host a Christmas Party at Shun Lee Home for the…