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Vega joined SWCS Chan Pak Sha STEM Carnival 2017

Invited by S.W.C.S Chan Pak Sha School, Vega was honored to set up booths for the SWCS Chan Pak Sha STEM Carnival on 23-24 June to help promote facilitates of STEM Education.

During the event, Vega displayed and demonstrated the latest technology for education, such as Cisco Spark Board and Panopto Flip Classroom, as well as the LG, OneLan Digital Signage and Zycast Live Streaming at our booths.

The officiating guest former Secretary for Education Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, SBS, JP, and other honorable guests, educators, school leaders and students from various local schools were all interested in these advanced educational and classroom technology products.

Cisco Spark Board is an all-in-one touchscreen device that featuring on-board 4K camera and 12 microphones VoiceTrack technology to capture image and audio around the meeting rooms and conference rooms at schools, so that it can facilitate the video conferencing, drawing and presentation for distance learning purposes. With Spark Board, schools can practice real-time interactive teaching that enables instant response from multiple students of sister schools in an effective way. Guest speakers from different countries are also allowed to give talks to students by just simply stand in front of their own devices. Please click the link to watch our demonstration of Cisco Spark Board: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWob3QSttCg&t

Panopto Flip Classroom enables teachers to record and share flipped classroom slides and videos using their own devices at anytime, which gives students chances to view the classroom materials multiple times at anywhere and learn actively at their own pace. Teachers can also use LG, OneLan Digital Signage and Zycast Live Streaming as an efficient communication tool to provide the latest news or information to students immediately.

Vega hopes the exhibition of educational AV technologies can help facilitate STEM Education so as to increase educational productivity.