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Vega Organized Career Sharing Workshop for “Life Buddies” Scheme Students

A career sharing workshop organized by Vega Head Office was offered to the students from “Life Buddies” Scheme, a community-based youth mentoring program that encourages corporate businesses and organizations to give aspirations to the younger generation to help improve their life skills, enhance their exposure, and develop a vision for their futures.

Vega’s objective for the workshop is to orientate the students to plan their career directions by providing them with an understanding of today’s employment marketplace and share knowledge about the best practices in AV/IT industry.

The workshop covered an interactive session between the students and Vega representatives from sales, technical, and IT departments. The team introduced their individual roles and functions to the company and shared their experiences on career development and how to overcome the early stage of employment challenges. The session allowed the students to raise their concerns about office cultures, choosing the right career path, and the future of AV/IT industry.

At the end of the workshop, the organizers toured the students to help them visualize the company’s day-to-day operations and experience the latest and most innovative AV/IT equipment showcased at the office.

The Commission on Poverty launched the youth mentoring scheme “Life Buddies” in October 2015, since then, Vega Global has been a supporter of the program as it fulfills our commitment to the community particularly to the youth. We aim to continuously provide a unique opportunity to encourage the younger generations to prepare for their career and their future.

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