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Vega volunteers enjoyed floor curling playing with the elderly at “Bliss District Elderly Community Centre” (BDECC)

Being a Caring Company with over 10 years of commitment, Vega always supports different types of charity events and activities to help the needy persons in the community. This year, we continue to work with Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) by providing different kinds of support to her affiliates throughout the year, and the first among these programs was to sponsor a set of Floor Curling equipment to Bliss District Elderly Community Centre (BDECC) under HKCS.

Floor Curling is considering as an integrated team sport for all ages and abilities. The game can be played on any flat and smooth surface with no physical contact with opponent team players.  Therefore, it is considered as an ideal game for the elderly to relax and as a tool for social gathering.  Apart from simply sponsoring the equipment, we also organized a volunteer team to play with the elderly.

On 13 Oct, our volunteers visited BDECC at 2 pm. The activity started with a short briefing on the history of the floor curling, and then entered the warm up and real competition. A great afternoon was finally end with the easy chit-chat between the volunteers and the elderly, while the elderly were happy with the visit of volunteers, and our staff also enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and leave behind wonderful memories with them.

Being awarded “10+ years Caring Company” recognition in Hong Kong, Vega aims to keep organizing caring activities to help the needy persons and contribute the community. In the future, Vega will continuously support Hong Kong Christian Service and other charity organization in different ways so that more needy persons can be benefited.

Vega Volunteer is playing the floor curling

Floor Curling Equipment Sponsored by Vega