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What’s VEGA Founded in 1986, Vega evolved from a local distributor of audiovisual equipment to a total solution provider in pro AV/IT industry with 500 qualified personnel working at more than 20 branches in APAC, Europe and USA. Today, we are one of the leading international AV/IT companies and have the full capability to serve the global corporate clients, no matter the size of their projects and the locations.
Industry Recognition


With a view to satisfying the needs of our global corporate clients for unified standard and convenience of project management we have expanded our operational capabilities across the global markets since 2010 by setting up our branches in different strategic locations including China, Macau, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Australia, United Kingdom and USA.


Not only do we continue making use of the most advanced technology to satisfy our customers in AV/IT requirements but also striving to unify quality standard for our industry, thereby enhancing comfort and convenience in business activities and daily lives.


We tailor make total solutions for our clients based on specific needs within their budgets and timeframe, thereby enabling them to keep pace with the latest AV/IT technology, avoid falling behind their competitors, become the pioneers in their industries and also streamline their daily operations.


Be a people-centric business: For Vega it’s not all about technology and numbers. We believe that our people are our business and are committed to their welfare through training, skills and career development. We believe that our customers are our life blood and strive to ensure that we are always valued by them.








Be a listening business: We are leading experts in our sector, but never so arrogant to assume we know all the answers. By consistently encouraging an environment of always listening to our people, our partners and our customers, we endeavour to learn from them as well as advise them. Be a non-stop developer: We are an ever-expanding company; introducing new technologies and know-how to the market; developing our competitiveness, and promoting our philosophy to our people, our partners and our customers. Be a pursuer of quality: We are never satisfied to simply fulfil clients’ basic needs, but will constantly strive to exceed their expectations by pursuing higher quality products and delivering a better service. Be an innovator: We strive to be a pioneer in our sector; proactively helping our clients to prepare for their future, ensuring awareness and providing effectively managed technology life-cycle solutions. Deliver Value: We pledge to deliver best-value to our customers; designing, implementing and supporting solutions which optimize their communication and collaboration capabilities, reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate tangible return on investment. Think Global, Act Local: Our aim is to provide our partners and customers with the benefits of a unified global presence, whilst ensuring that we always operate in consideration of local cultures, laws and practises. Likewise our local knowledge and successes can be up-scaled into our global policies; distributing value into all aspects of our business and across every area we operate.







Code of Ethics

The Way We Do Business This Code of Ethics commits VEGA to a set of simple and shared principles. This Code provides guidelines for each employee, whatever their cultural or geographical background. It is not intended to replace local or international laws and regulations but on the contrary, seeks to encourage their respect. Employees use good judgment and common sense in all situations when the requirements of the law or of good business practices appear unclear. Employees seek advice and direction from their supervisors in such situations. Human Rights & Diversity We are committed to respecting human rights in its relationships with employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers and local communities. Our business is people-driven and our corporate values underpin our relationships with our stakeholders. Each employee is entitled to fair, courteous and respectful treatment by his or her supervisors, subordinates and peers. We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on sex, color, marital status, civil partnership, having or not having dependents, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other relevant category. We welcome and value diversity. Our goal is always to select, retain and develop all employees, irrespective of the categories mentioned above. Labor Standards We are committed to providing all employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Our employees behave responsibly in accordance with applicable health and safety rules. In each country where we operate, we are committed to complying with local and international applicable employment laws and regulations, especially those related to employees’ health and security, compulsory and child labor, discrimination and harassment. We support freedom of association and respect the right to collective bargaining. Protecting Company Value We are committed to ensuring that any form of fraud is avoided in the company business conduct. Fraud may be defined as “any intentional act or omission designed to deceive others and resulting in the victim suffering a loss and/or the perpetrator achieving a gain.” Fraud can be categorized into three main categories: fraudulent financial reporting, misappropriation of assets, and corruption. Corruption notably includes bribery, illegal gratuities and extortion. In particular, situations which may cause conflict between an employee’s responsibilities towards the company and his or her personal interests should be avoided. Nevertheless, a conflict of interest, or the appearance thereof, may occasionally arise. Should such a situation occur, communication between employer and employee is of utmost importance, and the parties concerned will attempt to resolve the matter in good faith. In addition, our employees who receive or learn of confidential business information or trade secret or others do not disclose that information to third parties or make any other non-business use of such information. Moreover, they take reasonable measures to otherwise safeguard and protect information and trade secrets. Environment We are committed to applying a responsible and proactive approach to environmental challenges and to go beyond legislation on environmental issues in the countries in which it operates. We support initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, such as IT equipment and paper recycling, awareness campaigns and is aiming to reduce its ecological impact. By using state of the art technology on behalf of our employees and our clients, we continuously try to reduce our energy consumption and our environmental impact, and we are committed to innovation by proposing environmentally friendly services.


As one of brightest pole stars in the visible galaxy, Vega has played an important role in myth and culture over the centuries; representing notions, core to our company values, such as illumination, inspiration and focus. Our arrow-shaped logo represents a rocket, soaring at speed from West to the East, symbolizing our clear and definite course to define the audiovisual industry across the globe, while the colour red was carefully chosen to reflect the passionate and determined nature of the business.


The Management Board is responsible for managing the company.  Its members are jointly accountable for the management of the company.
















1986 – VEGA Technology Limited was established 1989 – Shenzhen (China) sales office was established 1999 – China Production plant was set up 2006 – Macau sales office was established 2010 – Singapore and Japan branch offices 2011 – Awarded Infocomm Diamond Level AV Solutions Provider Awarded Cisco top premier partner Totally 16 branch offices were established 2012 – Awarded Most Valuable Companies 2012 by MediaZone Awarded Cisco top premier partner Chengdu (China), Malaysia and Europe branch offices were established 2013 – Awarded InfoComm Diamond Level Certified AV Solutions Provider New branch offices were set up in the USA and Philippines Awarded Cisco top premier partner 2014 – Awarded Infocomm AV Provider of Excellence HKT / PCCW Partnership Awarded Cisco top premier partner More milestones

Industry Recognition

Staff Qualifications

Staff Qualifications