Experience Zero Touch Meeting Room Technology with Bunch

Experience Zero Touch Meeting Room Technology with Bunch
21 August 2020

For some, the words touchless tech might conjure up an image of Tom Cruise in the movie Minority Report (2002). He faces a holographic screen floating in the middle of a minimalistic yet modern office. He extends his arms forward, floating his hands over a glassy screen, controlling it with a simple pinch or swipe of his fingers, all without ever touching the screen itself.

Perhaps we are not far from experiencing the same scenario right in our very offices, all thanks to COVID-19.

While the world waits out for a vaccine, we’re cautious because the virus is said to survive on plastic and steel surfaces for around 2 to 3 days. And as the worldwide workforce strives for business continuity, we’re looking out for ways to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading like wildfire in the workplace by using touchless workplace technologies as a way to make conference rooms safer.

The main goal of using touchless technology is to minimize the employees from touching the same surfaces in common areas like the conference room. Since collaboration is necessary for a company to thrive and improve, we need to think of ways to make conference rooms wireless, which is almost zero-touch.

Vega Global is happy to partner with Bunch Enterprises to offer Band, an enterprise display platform that enables users to manage shared content from a unified, secure platform in real-time on any display, without touching a single piece of shared hardware. Besides being an excellent zero-touch solution, Band also eliminates users' struggles with unfamiliar or cumbersome conference room technology, saving them from making service calls to IT. Using Band, you can control any room’s equipment easily using your own device, like a phone or tablet.


Run meetings safely and securely with Band

The safest conference room is a touchless conference room. Enter a meeting room armed with just your mobile phone or a browser on your laptop to control display screens and conferencing equipment. Band works without requiring you to download any apps and works across Android and iOS.

All you have to do is scan a QR code to gain access and easily control the meeting room’s equipment and video conferencing.

Content sharing and joining Zoom meetings made easy using Band

Instead of wasting valuable time searching for a lost remote, or troubleshooting complex display applications, Band lets you intuitively control displays using your phone. Launch Zoom meetings, applications, watch enterprise TV, display your screen, or select content with a few clicks.

Now you can run safer, seamless meetings from the palm of your hand.

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