Introducing Zero Touch Technology Into the Workplace

Introducing Zero Touch Technology Into the Workplace
04 August 2020

Without being consciously aware of it, we have been utilizing zero-touch technology for quite some time now. We can make calls, send messages, navigate with GPS, and search Google by voice command. We can even control the lighting, ventilation, temperature, doors, and electronic devices in our homes without touching anything. And while there are still some of us don't use these technologies with voice commands all the time, the point is, we could. 

In modern offices, many technologies require people to touch them to use (on/off switches, touch panels, remotes, etc.), and in the new world order caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we frown at the thought of having to touch communal surfaces. Accordingly, we are beginning to apply new available technologies in smarter ways for common office areas like conference rooms. Reducing the amount of surfaces we interact with within the office is essential to ensure health and safety, and with better and safer touchless technologies available, why not use them.

Reducing Contact With Shared Hardware

New meeting room technologies have made it possible to plan and host meetings effortlessly from within a Zero Touch room. Using Crestron's conference room scheduling system and New Wave Workspace, users can input time and location details and invite attendees via Microsoft Outlook - Office 365 suite. The meeting details will be registered within the room booking system and displayed on the room's external display panel to let outsiders know a meeting is taking place and avoid interruptions and overlapping reservations. Moreover, users can scan the room QR Code and use the New Wave Workspace App to control all inputs and interactions with the external panels.

The New Wave Workspace's intelligent scheduling SaaS solution also allows users to check meeting room occupancy in real-time, and release meeting rooms automatically when users didn't utilize the room within a specified time range. New Wave Workspace newly deployed platform now brings a series of key features to the users and organization, intelligent space management, automated workspace social distancing, contact tracing, and other key analytics. 

When integrated alongside Crestron's conference room scheduling system, the New Wave Workplace platform provides an intelligent and robust path back to the workplace in the new normal, providing peace of mind and increased productivity to both the user and organization. 

Inside the meeting room, you can control the display screens and audio, and connect to a call without touching any hardware in the room besides personal devices.

Bunch software enables users to manage shared content from a unified, secure platform in real-time on any display without touching a single piece of shared hardware. Besides being an excellent zero-touch solution, it also eliminates users' struggles with unfamiliar conference room technology as well as service calls to IT since most of the room equipment is controlled from their own devices.

Another zero-touch solution is Crestron's AirMedia. It allows users to connect their personal devices and share presentations and files with in-person and remote attendees in the meeting. Users can also control other peripheral devices in the room, such as on/off power settings on projectors, lights, speakers, and monitors in the conference room. Everything can be automated, even an on-demand cleaning system right after you vacate the room is possible. 

Cynap offers a wireless presentation system with its compact media player. You can use media of any type and from any storage device (cloud/USB) and create interactive presentations with maximum engagement with your audience. It makes it easy to highlight ideas and make on-screen changes in real-time. 

Similar to Bunch and Airmedia, Cynap is BYOD and requires no shared interaction with physical hardware. Perfect for meeting rooms, huddle spaces, or as a classroom presentation system.

Zero-touch enterprise video conferencing solutions offer safe, seamless, and cable-free meeting experiences. Bunch, AirMedia, and Cynap all integrate with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Bluejeans, and Cisco. They require no additional drivers or software, so you and your team can immediately integrate it with your existing conference room systems.