Case Studies

Year: 2020
Solution: Digital Workplace Advisory, Hybrid Collaboration Solutions, Meeting and Multipurpose Rooms Solutions, Workspace Management and Sensor Technology, Networking and IT security
Market: Corporate & Finance,
Service: Managed Services, Digital Workplace Strategy
Country: Indonesia

Huawei requires an AV System Integrator with the highest quality to be delivered within the timescales of the project program. The system shall support Huawei’s current and future AV requirements. The selected System Integrator will demonstrate that it has the relevant resources to deliver the project within the timescales stipulated to the exemplary standards required. In order to maintain and develop its position in the marketplace, Huawei regards the reputation, quality, and performance of its suppliers to be of prime importance. Huawei expects total flexibility from the selected System Integrator in the support of its operations, together with proactive participation in achieving its stated goals. It is expected that the successful System Integrator may have to work under pressure to meet Huawei’s high expectations.