Case Studies

Year: 2019
Solution: Digital Wall and Signage Solutions
Market: Hospitality
Service: Professional and Consultancy Services
Country: Hong Kong

The Legend Heroes Park, an amazing high-tech sportainment theme park, was grandly opened in August 2019 at Time Square Macau, Studio City. Vega, being the strategic partner of Samsung, was pleased to jointly participate in the project for the supply and installation of the full series Samsung professional display solutions to create an informative and interactive entertaining experience for the players.

The Park is divided into 4 zones covering an area of 25,000 square feet. Fully operated by Samsung MagicINFOTM unified management platform, more than 50 sets of Samsung professional displays in various sizes were installed throughout the venue including 2 most eye-catching 3-meter high giant LED display walls, one at the main entrance and the other inside the Arena area.

Key Solutions

Visual System:

  • Samsung 635-inch P2.5 LED Wall
    15.84m(W) x 3.24m(H)
  • Samsung 378-inch P2.5 LED Wall
    9.12m(W) x 2.7m(H)
  • Samsung 43"/ 55"/ 49" Professional Monitors 
  • Samsung MagicInfo Server PC