Vega announces partnership with Aura – Expanding the best end-to-end service at a global level

Vega announces partnership with Aura – Expanding the best end-to-end service at a global level
11 January 2022

Vega is delighted to announce their strategic partnership with Aura, combining their award-winning AV/IT technology integration and end-to-end solutions and services with the leading workspace technology specialist’s objective-driven approach to connecting digital and physical workspaces. 

Aura specialise in creating connected workspaces which merge the digital and physical for a frictionless experience. Their holistic approach enables businesses to control costs, improve agility and resilience, reduce risk, and unlock business potential. Operating out of the UK, Europe, and the United States, Aura services some 500 clients in 69 countries.

Solidifying their relationship with Aura, Vega extends their service offerings for their large base of global multinational clients across the EU and US markets, working with some of the most recognisable brands across a wide variety of sectors. 

“This partnership represents the ideal opportunity for both Vega and Aura to compete and grow in the global marketplace,” said Matthew Deayton, Deputy CEO at Vega. “We see the Vega and Aura businesses align in many ways, to which we’re excited about providing our customers with a stronger, strategic, end-to-end experience. As more and more organisations drive towards merging their digital and physical workspaces to improve collaboration, business output, and increased productivity, Vega’s partnership with Aura is a solid opportunity to more holistically support our clients, globally.” 

“Vega and Aura share the same passion for unified communications and collaboration to enhance productivity in the workplace,” said Alpesh Unalkat, Aura’s CEO. “Together the combined strengths of Aura and Vega offer greater capacity to deliver the best possible service at a global level, and the opportunity to maximise the benefits of connected workspaces which support wider business objectives.”   

For more information or to find out how Vega can enhance your workspace technology experience, please get in touch via the link below.