PBEC Featured Vega Global as a Member of the Month

PBEC Featured Vega Global as a Member of the Month
15 March 2021

PBEC – Pacific Basin Economic Council is by invitation ONLY members based institution that supports connectivity and cross-border regulatory standardisation efforts within APAC for all technological advancements, through dialogue, engagement and collaborative efforts.

In March 2021, PBEC featured Vega Global as a member of the month and highlighted our endeavour to keep our operations' momentum despite the new challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the restrictions and lockdowns, Vega Global accelerated the development of our digital workplace solutions portfolio to provide and support technologies that are of paramount importance to our clients. We have deployed and supported video conferencing and collaboration solutions that enable our clients for the "work from home" modes of operations, thereby avoiding work disruptions and maintaining their productivity and ensuring staff safety.

With the shift in the work style and workplace trends, we have expanded the depth of our solutions portfolio to deliver digital workplace solutions that fit into the "new normal." Space planning for social distancing measures, occupancy sensors, zero-touch technologies, and cleaning on-demand are some of the new technologies that we are currently deploying for clients as they prepare their teams to come back to working fully in the office setting.