Digital Workplace Strategy

Vega Global promotes smart technology for digital workspace.

Centralised management is the core of an intelligent workplace. Whether your team stays working from home or shifts back on-site, we have created a unified user experience where human and technology interfaces are involved within a corporate environment. 

Our smart workplace design will repurpose and retool your office to be virtual and multifunctional collaboration. Imagine your entire office, from meeting rooms to phone booths, to be video-enabled with platform-agnostic video conferencing solutions. It also means that we will integrate all leading applications to connect your team, whether on-site or remote, for effective, efficient and safe collaborations. 

Digital Workplace Technology Advisory and Solutions include:

  • Real-time occupancy and utilisation platform
  • Smart Workplace Management Solutions
  • Post COVID-19 office place solutions
  • Employee engagement technology solutions
  • User control meeting room solutions
  • Flexible technology solution 
  • Interactive Digital Signage

Levels of Service Offering


Our digital workplace advisory provides clients with strategic consultancy which covers:


1. Technology Coaching

  • Solution benchmarking
  • Technology road mapping
  • Space design considerations


2. Cosultancy

  • Technology StrategyBusiness Case Development
  • Conceptual Design
  • Technology Focused Test Fits


3. Management

  • Project / Program
  • Management
  • Internal & External Stakeholder Management
  • Construction Management
  • Change Management
Design Engineering

We tailor-make solutions and develop based on:


1. Requirements Analysis

  • Scope Definition
  • Functional Requirement
  • Schematic Design
  • High Level Budget


2. Design and Planning

  • Detailed Solution Design
  • Program Development
  • Risk Management
  • Detailed Budget


3. Tender Management

  • Procurement Guidance
  • Vendor Assessment & Prequalification
  • Tender Documentation
  • Response Assessment & Recommendation


And we see your projects all the way through Implementation Management

  • Technology Construction Management
  • Scope & Change Management
  • Budget Control
  • System Acceptance and Operational Hand Over
Project Management

Our project management services covers:


1. Corporate Relocations

  • System Document Review
  • Technology Migration Planning
  • Move Management


2. Engineering Services

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Project Specific Support
  • Operational Technology Policing


3. Infrastructure Management

  • Resource Capability Mapping
  • Audit and Inventory Management
  • Procurement Support and QS 
Master Services Integration

As your one-stop solution provider, we fully align the following as part of our master services integration:


1. Device Selection

  • Solution Evaluation Services
  • Subcontractor Gatekeeping
  • Products Testing and Validation


2. Solutions Integration

  • Integration Matrix Management
  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • Operational Technology Policing


3. Data Workflow and Facilitation

  • Middleware Creation and Testing
  • Dashboard Creation Services