Event Management

Management Service for Traditional Event

Vega's event production services include planning, technical design, logistics, audio, video, as well as lighting equipment setup, technical staffing, recording, and post-production wrap up. Our expert team helps you deliver exceptional results for your audience and provides you with temporary staffing for all of your live events. Use our highly trained staff on a short term or a long-term basis to help you reduce your payroll costs and save you time in training and hiring.

Management Service for Online Event

Vega has served over 100 companies in organizing different types of virtual events. Some of the clients we supported are Samsung, The Insurance Authority of Hong Kong(HKIA), Hong Kong Computer Society(HKCS), top transportation companies in Hong Kong, renowned publishers in Hong Kong, private banks, government departments who looks explicitly for a one-stop event management service. One of the largest events we planned is a virtual conference and exhibition where we covered over 200 conference sessions and reached over 10,000 audiences.

Vega's online event management service covers pre-event preparation to post-event follow up, and a qualified designation support team for event planning and operation. This one-stop management service allows you to hold virtual events seamlessly.

How can Vega help you?


  • Vega experts can provide you with professional advice and guide you to holding a successful event experience from your pre-event preparation to post-event follow-up.

AV Rental

  • We provide the most suitable AV equipment and offer rental services to allow seamless event performance. High-quality video and audio output significantly affects the audience engagement and perception towards your company.

Operation Service

  • Our event operator will help you run your virtual event smoothly and will help avoid any unexpected disturbances and external noise.
Suitable for Various Types of Events & Activities
  • Annual Shareholder Meeting
  • Corporate Annual Event
  • Seminar
  • Training, and more