Digital Workplace Advisory

Vega Global promotes smart technology for digital workspace.

Centralised management is the core of an intelligent workplace. Whether your team stays working from home or shifts back on-site, we have created a unified user experience where human and technology interfaces are involved within a corporate environment. 

Our smart workplace design will repurpose and retool your office to be virtual and multifunctional collaboration. Imagine your entire office, from meeting rooms to phone booths, to be video-enabled with platform-agnostic video conferencing solutions. It also means that we will integrate all leading applications to connect your team, whether on-site or remote, for effective, efficient and safe collaborations. 

Digital Workplace Technology Advisory and Solutions include:

  • Real-time occupancy and utilisation platform
  • Smart Workplace Management Solutions
  • Post COVID-19 office place solutions
  • Employee engagement technology solutions
  • User control meeting room solutions
  • Flexible technology solution 
  • Interactive Digital Signage