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Fukien Secondary School - Embracing LEDs as the New Trend in Stage Lighting for School Hall

The stage lighting instruments in the main hall of Fukien Secondary School (Siu Sai Wan) used to be all traditional luminaries, such as halogen spotlights and high-intensity discharge lamps, which have definitely limited students to design a theme colour for a drama play, a singing contest or a dance show. Also, heat generated by the conventional lighting made the stage very unpleasant for all performances and short lamp life required staff to replace light bulbs frequently. FCC realized the need to renovate the whole set of stage lighting so as to provide an ideal venue with friendly atmosphere for students to explore their interests, potentials and talents, as well as maintaining a balanced school life.

1. 100% Customer-focused Consultancy

Having worked for over 90% of primary and secondary schools, Vega understands most of their concerns. While proposing LED lighting fixtures, our AV solution consultant pinpointed all important factors including the affordability, durability, capability and even environmental friendliness of the new technology. This customer-focused approach always helps schools make final judgement and decide which solution best suits their needs.

2. Enjoy all the benefits

The new lighting design is a fascinating combination of art and technology.  Thanks to LED’s efficiency at colour washing and easy-to-use control system, students can mix different light colours and adjust intensity of each colour group digitally via DMX (Digital MultipleX) channels from a laptop or a tablet. School hall is no longer a serious place for assembly or graduation ceremony. It becomes a creative space for students to grow and excel. Huge benefits brought to schools include high degree of flexibility with easy management, higher brightness with less power consumption, longer lifetime with simple maintenance. In the long run, the use of LED will generate annual savings for FCC and bring positive impact to the environment.

8 Reasons to Use LED Stage Lighting:

1. Colour

It creates an overall wash of colours, effects and illuminations that not only shape the emotions of the audience, but can have a rich and complex influence on a scene. 

2. Brightness

It gets brighter when considering same power consumed by other lighting. 

3. Temperature

It produces light without getting extremely hot as with traditional stage luminaries.

4. Control

It can be easily controlled via DMX over WiFi from a mobile device.

5. Duration

It can operate more than 10,000 hours and last 60 times longer than the conventional ones.

6. Maintenance

It has longer life cycle and eliminates the chance of bulb replacement over years.

7. Power

It can consume 75 to 80% less energy than the similarly bright light bulbs and thus lower electricity costs.

8. Safe

It contains no mercury or other toxic substances.


Project : 2015

Location : Siu Sai Wan, Hong Kong

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