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The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD)

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) is one of the department of Hong Kong Government. It was established in 2000 and its headquarters is in Shatin, New Territories, aims to provide quality leisure and cultural services commensurate with Hong Kong's development as a world-class city and events capital. It provides leisure and cultural activities to Hong Kong citizens, which was also one of the tasks of the former Urban Council, and Regional Council and Home Affairs Bureau. It manages various public facilities in Hong Kong including public libraries, swimming pools, and sports centres. The well-known Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Hong Kong Space Museum are also managed by the department.

Saving Labour Work

By using the digital signage, the work of labor has saved a lot. Before the replacement of traditional posters, the labour of Performance Center have to print, deliver, make arrangement, and stick the posters to the appropriate places for various shows and performances in the upcoming days. It is time-consuming and inefficient. Hence, Vega installed total 38 sets of LG Professional LED Monitor for the center, so that the performance information can display flexibly by computer control, do not need the staff to do the tedious daily work like previous years.

Cost Effective

As the performance center needs to print a lot of different posters daily, it cost a lot of money for printing, delivering or doing other process. Digital signage help LCSD to reduce the daily expenditure, because once the venue has installed the digital system and equipment, the performance center just need to change the promotion message by using a computer or any devices with WiFi.  It saves the expenses on printing, delivering or cleaning etc.

Environmentally Friendly

Nowadays, a majority of people are caring about the environmental issues. Thus, it is vital for a company or organization to build up a “green image” so as to demonstrate their social responsibility and create a great image in the mind of their customers. Using digital signage reached the goal of environmentally friendly, as promoting the shows via the digital machine can eliminate the use of paper posters. Also, it helps the organization to reduce carbon emission as they reduced the use of paper. Therefore, Vega help LCSD to build a positive image in the mind of citizens, also enhance the organization image of LCSD.

Ability to Handle ad-hoc Changes

Digital Signage has the ability to handle the ad-hoc changes of the performance. If there are any emergencies happened like the performance canceled suddenly or need to change the details of performance, traditional paper posters need to print again, deliver, stick on particular places……etc. It is not only time consuming, but also lack of the ability to handle these ad-hoc problems. In contrast, digital signage can change its information just by using a computers and controlling by one staff. As Vega provided ONELAN Publish Server to LCSD, 100 of signage players can control by one staff instead of 100 staff. It is efficient and flexible for Performance Center to change their promotional messages or details of the performance.

Better Promotional Channel

By applying Digital Signage, the promotional message has become much more eye-catching and attractive since it includes colorful images and wonderful sound. The visitors were more interested on the promotion and would like to know more about different performance. Besides, Vega help LCSD to place some LG Touch Overlay Kit inside the performance center with Touch License, so that the visitors can use the machine to search any performances that they are interested in, rather than walk through the whole theatre to seek for the information they needed.

Key Solution

  • LG Professuibak LED Monitor

  • LG Touch Overlay Kit for 43AW3KB/ SM5KB, 10 Points Multi Touch

  • Onelan Signage Player Onelan Touch License

  • Onelan Publish Server for 100 players - IntelXeon, 500GB

  • Onelan touch HTML development

  • Onelan / NTB-HD-10F-S / Intel Celeron, 4GB SSD, HDMI, VGA, Player

  • Draytek Wifi router

  • B-Tech Front Access maintenance wall mount for video wall


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