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Fu Hong Society

Fu Hong Society (FHS) was found in 1977 to aim at serving the puniest group of the community in Hong Kong. Currently, the Society has operated over 40 units providing services for about 3,600 persons with disabilities annually. The Aberdeen Rehabilitation Centre is one of the key premises of FHS. It is a 7-storey building with multiple service units to serve different kind of people. In view of the variety of services demand and the growth of utilization, a reliable and flexible PA system is required to allow different combination of communication within the group. Therefore, Vega introduces the latest IP-based PA system to fulfill their requirement.

Flexibility & Scalability

In fact, the old analog PA system of FHS used a large central amplifier with wires to connect with all speakers in the premise.  Once the centre needs to change the services mix, it will require a fundamental re-wiring for the whole building.  The latest IP-based PA system utilizes the Ethernet network to distribute sound throughout the organization. It is scalable for future expansion and more cost effective in terms of labour cost, especially when existing network infrastructure is already in place.

Central Control of Multi-zones by PA over IP System

As per requests by user, the whole building will be divided into 10 zones, and it should allow administrator to merge or re-allocate the zones easily through the centralized management system.  For this purpose, TOA IP PA system has been adopted. This system is a true digital matrix system that is expandable to any locations within network access. Under single management & operation software, it allows user to make instant broadcast and scheduled announcement through one single computer work station. With capability up to 1000 IP address support, user can relieve from any concern for future expansion, even if it requires broadcast across different buildings and locations. Besides, 9 sets of IP-remote Microphone have been installed in each zone (except the roof floor) so that different units can make their own announcement individually without interfering with each other.

Audio Enhancement

Owing to the wear and tear of existing speakers, over 170 sets of speakers have been replaced to ensure the best broadcasting quality. In order to fit into different environment, 3 types of speakers have been selected. They include 9 sets of outdoor speaker featuring all-weather durability for the roof floor, 39 sets wall mount speaker for standard room, and over 100 sets of ceiling speaker for corridors and rooms with false ceiling.

Seamless Transition

To maintain the normal operation of the whole centre during renovation, a “seamless transition” from old to new which impose a minimal impact on daily operation is one of the major requirements of client. Starting from the initial stages of the project, we analyzed the site and the project structure thoroughly and finally adopted the approach of “zone by zone” replacement strategy. The whole building was breaking into pieces and the transition of PA system was taking place zone after zone. Therefore, the progressive transition for both new PA system and the existing system in the actual transition phases was ensured. 


IP-based PA system has an advantage over the classic central paging system. Not only are they more flexible, reliable and provide more zone control, but also less costly. FHS can now enjoy higher flexibility to utilize their Aberdeen service unit according to the demand change of the society.  In case the new system is applied to other premises of FHS under the same network environment, we can help them to link up the system together and enhance their inter-communication. Same concept can also be applied to other organization with multiple rooms, units or branches, such as schools, recreation centres and hospitals …… etc.

Key Solution

  • IP-based PA system

  • Loudspeakers for use in different environment


Project : 2017

Location : Hong Kong

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