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Heung To Middle School -Pursue For Surround Ambiance

Bose Professional Audio On Sound Hall System

Heung To Middle School is a co-educational secondary school in Hong Kong with nearly 70 years of history.

In order to have better sound experience during their drama performance, customer would like to replace the existing hall sound system with a renowned brand in the market. Vega introduced Bose professional audio to customer due to it's proven quality and the implanted brand value.

Different Models of Bose Speakers were selected to serve their specific purposes:

  • Bose F1 were installed at the frontend to ensure the vertical coverage pattern of sound

  • Bose RM208 RoomMatch Loudspeakers were installed above and below balcony for sound reinforcement

  • Bose Panaray 620M were installed in front of the stage for sound monitoring purpose

  • Bose RoomMatch Utility RMU206 were installed at stage front for zone-fill purpose

To ensure all-round sound capture, 6 sets of JTS JS-22 Cardioid Condenser Microphones were hung at the ceiling of the stage so that sound from every corner within the stage can be captured without problem.

The whole system was monitored under Crestron DSP-1283, supported by Crestron DSP-860 and Soundcraft LX-10 32 Ch Audio Mixer. Besides, Dante digital audio signal can be converted to microphone analog signals for audio routing and browser-based control through Shure ANI4OUT Audio Network Interface.

Thanks to the superb quality of Bose loudspeakers and the professional tuning, vivid surround ambience has been achieved, and user experience has been highly enhanced.

Key Solutions

Audio System:

  • Bose F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker

  • Bose 802 Series IV Loudspeaker

  • Bose RM208 RoomMatch Loudspeaker

  • Bose Panary 620M Multi-Position Array

  • Bose RoomMatch Utility RM206

  • JTS JS-22 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Sound Processing:

  • Crestron DSP-1283 12x8 Digital Signal Processor w/Dante

  • Crestron DSP-860 - Avia 8x6 DSP Matrix Mixer

  • Neutrino MP4400 Amplifier

  • Shure ANI4OUT Audio Network Interface

  • Soundcraft LX-10 32 CH Audio Mixer


  • Overall System configuration and tuning


Project : 2017

Location : Hong Kong

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