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Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Established for more than a quarter of a century, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre (HKCC) is a major music and arts venue in Hong Kong holding over 700 performances each year. In 2017, they realized the limitation of existing facilities and would like to bring in digitized visual displays instead. Vega has the honor to participate in this project for customizing a breakthrough solution on information display by deploying professional display panels combined with powerful signage system for the venue.

1. From Static to Dynamic                 

Before the renovation, HKCC had been using 27-inch x 40-inch posters to show the program information but they were only restricted to display static and limited images, which could hardly capture the attention of the visitors in this Digital Age. In order to enrich the experience of visitors with sound and motion, Vega installed over 40 sets of LG HD display including Professional Bose audio system to replace the traditional poster displays, so that stunning images, videos, and animations with background music can be broadcast in nearly every corner of the venue to attract visitors attention. By now, the environment has become more vivid than it was before.

2. From Labor intensive to Automated

As one of the most important venues for music and art, HKCC holds many performances each year including some world-class events such as Hong Kong International Film Festival, Le French May and Hong Kong Arts Festival……etc. To cope with the frequent program change, working staffs are always required to work at an irregular time for rescheduling the program information while the content revisions are less flexible for printed material due to printing time and cost needed.   In consideration of the traditional method involving huge labors and time cost, we have adopted Onelan Digital Signage System which allows them to automate the program update and distribution processes. Apart from being able to create, edit and schedule varied contents on different displays remotely and instantly through a special Content Management System (CMS), the client can monitor the whole network anytime through the Digital Signage Manager (DSM), which results in saving them a lot of time and manpower in updating, publishing, monitoring work for reduction of a large amount of opera- tional work at the same time.

3.  From Fixed to Flexible

As the fixed size of printed posters would signifi- cantly limit the creativeness of promotional materials, we have provided a wide variety of display layouts to arouse better visual simulation for the visitors. In addition to those 55-inch stand-alone displays, the following layouts have been established for visual enhancement.

Zone A: 15 sets of 55-inch HD Display arranged side by side in L-Shape portrait orientation for general program information display

Zone B: 8 sets of 55-inch narrow bezels HD Display arranged vertically in 4 columns (1 x 2) portrait orientation for special scale promotional material display

Zone C: 4 sets of 49-inch HD Display arranged in 2x2 Landscape format as large video wall display

Zone D: 8 sets of 55-inch narrow bezels HD Display arranged side by side in portrait orienta- tion for multiple scale and content display

To facilitate the layout switching and selection, AMX Wireless Central Control System was used to help users select the desired layout pattern easily. This flexible and user-friendly system enables HKCC to exceed the limit of arranging the contents and creating new designs whatever necessary.

4) From Limited to Infinitive

The benefits of digitalization may include increasing the attractiveness of the media itself and also maximizing the effectiveness of communication. In the past, every poster can only show fixed images and information in specific locations, thereby restricting the physical exposure of the message. After Digital Display Panels have been used in conjunction with Onelan Digital Signage System, the contents of each display are no longer static but they are easily interchangeable. Users can schedule different contents to be shown with limited displays available in the venue. Further- more, the system allows same image to be switched from one display to another display for maximizing the exposure of the promotional materials to those who visit the venue.


The application of this new digital signage solution has enabled HKCC to enhance their capability on the information display in different aspects as well as creating a brand new image for the visitors.


Project : 2017

Location : Hong Kong

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