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The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) - 

Science Park Enhances Its Work Space Communications


Display any media with high quality content and playback effectively in multiple zones while minimizing the maintenance cost.

Vega creates a powerful Digital Signage Network

Total control of signage panels, content consistency and maintenance cost is essential for property management companies, especially for a world-class infrastructure - Science Park, because of its campus-like environment of 220,000 square metres accommodating enterprises spreading among 31 state-of-the-art buildings. A powerful Digital Signage Network has been a key method to reach such a large number of tenants and visitors. Understanding Science Park’s special requirement on cost-effective and energy-saving measures, Vega installed ONELAN HD digital signage player loaded with an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) and a tailored Digital Signage Manager (DSM) that enable users to well manage the content on the server and blend their brand identity in the layout design. By connecting the signage players included with wi-fi/stream-in licenses to the 55” ultra-thin LG Displays, Science Park can now deliver TV broadcast, make instant announcement and release advertisement whenever they need with no limitations on the number or positioning of zones.


The UK's most innovative developer ONELAN is chosen for its stability, reliability and flexibility. Its cutting-edge software allows centralized management of the entire network, immediate information updates, and thus reduces manpower for backend support. The integration of the UK-made HD players and the high-quality displays from LG, which is famous  for its screen technology, is a simple, cost effective communication solution engaging everyone working in Science Park. 

Key Solution

  • 20 sets of ONELAN HD Digital Signage Player included with a wi-fi/stream-in license

  • 9 sets of LG 55” HD Pro-Monitor

Project : 2015

Location : Hong Kong

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