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Lau Pak Lok Secondary School -  VEGA Designed a Cost-Effective Solution for GCCITKD Lau Pak Lok Secondary School

The high quality, reliable Bose Sound Systems are chosen to get great performance

The reason behind the system enhancement was very clear from the beginning - GCCITKD Lau Pak Lok Secondary School had a strong wish for a high quality, stable sound system that could ensure almost everyone in the hall was able to hear precisely the same detail and quality of music and speeches. The school was expecting a new system with much cleaner and less harsh sounding. Nevertheless, the system design had to normally fit into a tight budget but also offer flexibility, compatibility and sonic intelligibility. 

1. Listen to Your Needs

During the first meeting with teachers of LPLSS, we discussed the goals and needs for this system upgrade, coming up with the best solution within the available budget. Through our 30-year experience in serving primary and secondary schools, we understand that most schools are willing to invest in the best they could afford. They always need a totally integrated system offering many years of trouble-free use, as well as a professional AV consultation with the backup from a knowledgeable project team. Bose, a market leader in audio solutions, was proposed and was accepted by LPLSS without hesitation. As an authorized pro-audio dealer of Bose, Vega has a long-time partnership with the brand and is able to offer a high-level technical support. 

2. High-Quality and Affordable

The Bose® F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker with its high performance and flexibility was consequently taken into consideration when designing the system. Either in a drama play or a singing contest, stunning full, live-sounding music can better cover the hall when comparing to conventional loudspeakers. To achieve great performance, Bose Sound System was intelligently integrated with audio and control systems from all high-quality, reliable ProAV brands, such as Shure Wireless Microphone System, Biamp Nexia Sound Processor and Crestron Control System.

3. Your One-stop ProAV Consultant

Vega is dedicated to providing our customers a Great Service. Our total solutions not just include design and project management, but also an all-round consultancy and after-sales services. By assisting schools to choose a suitable system, teachers are welcome to ask for a product demonstration before making the final decision. 


Project : 2016

Location : Hong Kong

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