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Link 700 Nathan Road - 

Versatile System by Simple Control

Link - An asset management company with focus on Real Estate Investment Trust.

Client transformed a commercial property into a mixed-use commercial complex. Out of the 15-storey tower, 8 floors are designed as shopping mall area.  Client would like to provide an all-new interactive experience to the customer and an easy-to-manage system for the staff to manage daily audio-visual operation.

Each floor of the shopping mall will have similar configuration and they are being managed in the same control centre which is located on 2/F.  As a basic setting, BrightSign digital signage system and LG professional display were installed in nearly every floor of the mall.  Sound output will be connected to KEF ceiling and box speakers so that message can be spread throughout the mall.  There are totally 128 sets of speakers installed and message can be broadcast in single channels to whole shopping mall or to individual floor through the ZeeVee AV distribution system.

Besides, inside the shopping mall there are 3 mini stage areas which are located on G/F, 2/F and 5/F. To fulfil their visual and audio requirement, Martin stage lighting system, Shure wireless microphone system has been installed. The performance can also be livestreamed or recorded by Panasonic HD Camera, which were installed on corresponding floors.

A centralized and simple control management system allows customer to use minimal resources to manage the whole shopping mall.  This is what you can find in Link-700 Nathan Road.

Key Solution

  • KEF Speaker System

  • BrightSign Digital Signage System

  • Panasonic HD Camera

  • AMX Central Control System

  • Shure Microphone System

  • LG 45"-75" Professional Display

  • ZeeVee AV Distribution System

  • Martin Lighting RUSH Par and Fader Wing

Project : 2018

Location : Hong Kong

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