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St.Paul's School (Lam Tin) -  Go Beyond Merely AV System Integration: Vega as a One-Stop Design, Built and AV/IT Solution Partner for St. Paul’s School (Lam Tin)

Unlike a general AV project, Vega provided the school with one-stop services covering Interior Design, Purpose-built Furniture and Audiovisual System Integration.  Before building work started, we had conducted thorough and in-depth discussion with the client to well understand their particular requirements about creating an innovative e-learning classroom.


While we needed to complete this design & build project within a limited time and budget, we aimed at making the learning centre to be practical in use and “no-frills” in design.

1. Interior Design

Following  our customer’s idea to make the classroom a more pleasant place and also a motivating place for the students to learn, we chose brighter wall color and also chessboard-like carpet so as to create a livelier environment.  In consideration of better acoustic effects for recording purpose, we had the windows and doors specially made of all sound-proofing materials to avoid noise disturbance.

2. Purpose-Built Furniture

The desks were custom-made in cashew shape so that it is convenient for the teachers to form difference learning groups flexibly whenever necessary for different purposes.

3. Audiovisual System Integration

To allow maximum freedom of discussion and presentation, Vega integrated “Wireless”, “Interactive” and “Mobility” concepts to the e-learning classroom.   Since students can be grouped into small groups easily with our purpose-built furniture, 2 sets of LG large format displays have been installed in the classroom for combined or shared use, with 1 of them equipped with interactive touch function.  Except using the touch screen for interactive presentation, students can also make use of the Kramer wireless presentation system to present their idea wirelessly through their mobile devices or notebook computers. At the same time, other students can also participate in the presentation and discussion freely with their own mobile devices using the same system. In order to enhance the visual impact, live broadcast is feasible inside the classroom as 2 sets of high definition PTZ cameras have been installed, and signal can be transmitted to the 2 displays in the room immediately through the Crestron Matrix Switcher.  User can also store the broadcast content into the server for future retrieval if necessary.  Besides, by using the Crestron mobile control system, all AV equipment can be monitored wirelessly. Apart from this, ClearOne Tri-element Ceiling Microphone Array was installed to allow 360-degree high quality audio pick up.  It is the reason why users can move freely inside the venue without affecting the sound recording quality.  In case dedicated voice need to be broadcasted or recorded, we also reserve JTS wireless microphones to serve the purpose.  Audio signal will then be process through Biamp Digital Sound Processor and recorded to the system or broadcasted through the JBL Ceiling Speakers.

Key Solution

  • System Integration of LG Video System

  • ClearOne Recording System

  • Biamp Audio System

  • JBL Ceiling Speakers

  • JTS Wireless microphones

  • Kramer Digital Processing System

  • Crestron Control System


Project: 2016

Location: Lam Tin, Hong Kong

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