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Tai Kung Wen Wei Media Group

Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group was formed in March 2016, which is the merger of Wen Wei Po and Ta Kung Pao. Nowadays, its sales averagely reached 200 million every day all over the world. In order to provide a better working environment and increase the efficiency and productivity of the workplace, Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group will move to a new office and decided to equip with the most advanced Audiovisual solution to ease their internal and external communication. Vega is pleased to be their solution provider and introduced the latest IP based AV solution to the customer.

1) General Application -  Video on Demand

Being a renowned media group, it is important to review news from different sources instantly and freely. Based on this requirement, Exterity IPTV system has been applied. With the Video over IP, media sources can be delivered to every corner within the organization that is reachable by the network, and users will have their full control over the contents with the available sources provided. Since the system is scalable, customer can add or remove any sources as required.

2) Multi-Function Room - Flexibility is the key

The Multi-Function Rooms are the main focus of the project. It consists of 4 combinable rooms which can serve different purposes, including video-conferencing, training, press conference, presentation as well as staff gathering. Besides, high-quality video and audio is a must for such modernized function rooms. Therefore, Vega introduced the latest Crestron DM-NVX-350 Video distribution system in this project for their video broadcast management. It is a multipoint AV matrix over IP, which can provide 4K image quality, high network security, latency free and scalable software-defined matrix. Customer can easily manage the video distribution simply by manipulation the touch panels being installed in each room for switching and monitoring. This design aims to provide an easiest and most efficient way for the customer to handle the usage change of the room, even without any support from technical people. 

Apart from the distribution system, high quality 55” Samsung 4K display panels have been utilized for different function rooms, and a 200” LED display wall was installed at the end front of multi-function room 1 which facilitates the customer to show the giant image during large scale event when all rooms are combined. Together with the Shure ULXD series digital wireless microphone system as the input, Biamp Tesira series digital sound processor and the premium Bose EdgeMax EM90 In-ceiling speakers as the output, both video and audio quality can be assured for any function being held.

3) Meeting Room - Purpose-oriented design

In this phase 1 project, there are totally 2 meeting rooms. 1 of them work as a huddle room for meeting on a smaller scale, and a remaining one is the strategic meeting room for a high-level meeting. It is evident that different solutions should be applied to serve their unique purpose.

For small size meeting room, Samsung Flip 55” Interactive mobile panel was applied for the customer to present and share their content through their Android and Windows devices easily. This interactive panel also allows the wireless presentation to minimize the trouble caused by cabling connection, and the presenter can freely change the display in either landscape or portrait orientation, depends on their presentation content and preference.

For the strategic meeting room, since it is a place for key decision makers, we must ensure clear visual and audio communication of every participant. Therefore, a larger 65” 4K professional display was installed for clear presentation; with the desktop-based Shure Gooseneck microphone system and Bose ceiling speakers, clear audio quality can be delivered without a problem. In addition, a touch panel has been placed at the conference table for easy control management and avoid unnecessary interruption during the meeting, while a wireless presentation system is also available for cable-free presentation.

Other than the captioned meeting room, there is a reception room which is used for catering special guest. This room is designed with a leisure atmosphere, while the formal presentation is also allowed if necessary. To avoid a conflict with the design, a hidden HDMI interface was installed inside the end table.


4K video and video streaming over IP is the latest market trend for vivid, diversified and latency-free broadcasting, and it is especially important for the Media industry. By adopting the new system, the organization will surely able to work in a more efficient way for their communications and hence further enhance their quality of work.

The second phase of work will also be completed within 2018 and it will mark the new era of IP based broadcasting for the media industry.


Solution Provided

  • Crestron NVX Video distribution system
  • Crestron Central control system
  • Bose In-ceiling speaker
  • Bose FreeSpace® 3 Series II Acoustimass® module
  • Shure digital wireless handheld microphone
  • Samsung 55” Fip display & professional display wall
  • Exterity IPTV system

Project : 2018

Location : Hong Kong

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