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V City - New Landmark in the New Territories West

V City, the new superior shopping mall located atop the Tuen Mun MTR station, celebrated its grand opening in September 2013.  V City was built by Sun Hung Kai Properties at a total cost of approximately HK$2.5 billion, and is believed to be the new landmark in the New Territories West in terms of its excellent geography and developing potential.  The V city mall covers a gross area of 300,000 square feet with more than 130 shops on three floors. Atop the transportation hub which merges railways, footbridges, as well as over 50 shuttle bus routes, it is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors daily.


The retail industry in Hong Kong is known to be extremely competitive. It is a huge challenge to capture the attention of customers and create memorable shopping experiences. The client, Sun Hung Kai Properties, was looking for an innovative lighting solution at the event area, which was to be the highlight of the whole shopping mall. Collaborating with the unique design, Vega installed 6000 pieces of Traxon  LED modules and 800 pieces of light engines to achieve the extraordinary lighting effect at such an impressive site. A variety of lighting scenarios were designed and programmed to be dramatic and subconscious for special occasions and better overall engagement. A huge number of commercial displays and interactive display systems needed to be installed and tested at 3 levels of the shopping mall in just 10 months. The quality of work should be maintained at such a very high level as to give a wonderful shopping experience to the consumers and also satisfy the client, Sun Hung Kai Properties.

Event Area - An impressive scene under extraordinary lighting

The event area in V city has been holding events for some of the most famous celebrities in Hong Kong. The stage is highlighted by 16 ETC stage spotlights with inspirational LED lighting features. A massive 6000 pieces of Traxon LED modules were installed and controlled by 800 pieces of light engines to provide rich ambiance and accents. This makes it the most LED modules ever to have been installed in a project in Hong Kong. 2 Panasonic HD live cameras were installed to record each event under extraordinary lighting effects. A variety of strategic lighting scenarios - from changing hues to the word of “V City” in motion were pre-programmed and triggered by finger touches on an iPad. Lighting is among the most essential and effective tools to engage customers, convey the quality of merchandise, or strengthen themes in the retail industry. Through the influence of customized illumination, it instantly captivates the mind, rewards the eye and evokes emotion for memorable shopping experiences.

Digital Signage - More than just information signage

Digital signage usage has been growing so rapidly because it provides a targeted means of presenting messages in the way that is impressive enough to be meaningful and memorable for the consumer.  Over 50 sets of LG full HD LED displays with full coverage fiber network using Cisco fabric switch have been installed for promoting mall events, specials and sales.  32x32 Extron Fiber Matrix switches were installed for complete, end-to-end digital AV signal transmission and routing over fiber optic cable.  With advanced technologies, high quality images can be delivered easily through iPad. Digital Signage helps to promote V city and its merchants’ brand images in an effective way so that consumers can get more information and merchants and the mall can deliver more messages.

Background Music

400 speakers from JBL, QSC, Electro Voice and MeyerSound were installed to play background music in the 3-storey shopping arcade for a comfortable and relaxing shopping atmosphere.  A powerful digital audio processor - Qsys Core500i was installed to support smooth delivery of the music.

Interactive Panel - Effective with touch, geo-location and images

Interactive panels allow consumers to interact with the   signage to enhance  customer satisfaction and in-store sales.  It has become a popular marketing tool which can provide real time information, advertising and messages in rich multimedia formats to attract consumers. Vega has installed 10 sets of ELO 55” interactive panels in V City. The comprehensive functions of these interactive panels provide promotion and privilege information searching for cinema, parking offers and shopping offers, nearby information searching, tenant information merged with floor plan etc. in a multi-language user interface. With large monitors and fast yet accurate touch responses, it is easy to draw people’s attention in a shopping mall that is expected to be crowded and bustling.

Technology in the Washroom

V City aims at providing a unique design and facilities to make the shopping experience more comfortable and convenient for the residences around this thriving community. The innovative Toilet Cubicle Availability Control System shows the number of vacancies on a display for users’ convenience.

Content Management

36 sets of professional media multi-channel servers were installed for content management, which is the same system used by HSBC.  With precise function setup, it supports a wide variety of functions for more efficient and targeted content delivery and management.


The audio visual technologies deployed benefit the entire center and its retailers.  It will be easier for the shoppers to learn about the promotions which take place in the mall while the retailers may benefit from the invaluable brand exposure to their audience. All of the screens show the logo of V City, helping to promote its image as an ultimate place to shop.  The AV facilities and technologies implemented in the mall will enable V City to become one of best places to shop.  Feedback from both shoppers and retailers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Project : 2013

Location : Hong Kong

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