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Vega Global is one of the largest system integrators and managed service providers for digital workplace systems, audiovisual solutions, video conferencing, and collaboration technologies. We design, implement, and support solutions across all industries, enhancing how businesses compete, operate and communicate. 

Founded in 1986, we started as a local distributor of audiovisual equipment and have evolved into world-class solutions and service providers to meet the diverse needs of clients around the world. Today, we have a comprehensive network of more than 600 professional staff working across 20+ offices in APAC and MEA. With our worldwide knowledge, experience, and presence, Vega Global has been the preferred partner of enterprises and Fortune Global 500 companies.

We focus on delivering our solutions and services through a business-to-business model with a strong focus on multi-national corporations that desire a single vendor relationship, capable of delivering across a diverse geographical spectrum coupled with ‘in-country’ contract administration and billing capabilities.

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We are an award-winning AV Integrator pioneering the industry since 1986. With a longstanding experience in the industry, we have put together a team of experienced designers, engineers, consultants, and project managers. 

Forward Thinker

We offer professional consultancy and work closely with clients to understand their needs. We provide the most innovative solutions that will future-proof their businesses.

We're Local, Wherever You Are

With more than 30 office locations across the globe and 600 multi-lingual staff, we're ready to help you wherever you are!


We actively help companies transform and address critical business and collaboration issues by applying innovative AV technology solutions.

We create custom audiovisual systems that allow businesses of all sizes to present and communicate to their clients with impact.

We help to optimize operations and improve workforce efficiency and productivity.