Corporate Certifications and Awards

As a leading corporation in the IT and AV industry, Vega is committed to serving our community and industry to promote a sustainable approach to the way we do business. In pursuit of this goal, we have developed processes to protect the environment, contribute to the community, and provide development and fair treatment to our employees. 

Regular reviews of these policies are made to improve our sustainability performance and contribute to a better future.

Sustainability: Protecting Our Planet

Environmental management is a vital part of Vega's overarching approach to sustainability. This means applying good governance practices to ensure that our behaviour reinforces our ambition to be recognized as one of the world's leading sustainable companies:

  1. Transparency and accountability
  2. Apply continuous improvements approach

It's all about the people. Our Employees

Our people are our most important asset. They help us drive our strategy and deliver our goals for our stakeholders.

Global Talent

As a global corporation, we value and welcome people from different cultural backgrounds. We recognize that people with different perspectives can bring new value to our business and help us to adapt to different business environments. 

Employee Opportunities

We subsidize training and studies to encourage employees to enrich their knowledge and further develop their career path. Internally, regular product training sessions are arranged to help our staff keep abreast with the latest market developments and product trends.


We endeavour to be a caring company and contribute to society.

Besides joining the different fundraising and charity events, we utilize our business strength to serve several underprivileged groups. We have donated and installed various AV/IT equipment such as projectors and screens to nursery centres of the Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) over the past five years.

Although our contribution may be small, we are pleased to see that the students benefit from this improved environment. We believe that our expertise in AV/IT would not only enhance the company's profitability but also provides a valuable contribution to society.



Diversity and Inclusion

Vega is an equal opportunity employer. It is our goal to create a workplace where people thrive, in an environment where everyone is treated with respect and build trust. We also carry out initiatives to embed and maintain a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, discrimination, bullying and disrespectful behaviour in the workplace. 

Our team also champions women's education and career enhancement by taking the leadership part in the AVIXA Women's council in Hong Kong. 

Vega recognizes that diversity and inclusion are not just important but fundamental. That is why we made our culture about embracing variety. 

Combining global scale with local service at Vega, we help our customers protect the people, places and things that matter most. We need the best passion, personal integrity, and engagement from everyone at Vega for something this important.