Jabra awards Vega as“APAC Top Video Reseller" of the Year 2021 during the APAC Partner 2021 Conference.

Jabra awards Vega as“APAC Top Video Reseller
20 June 2022

Vega Technology Limited, one of the largest System Integrators and Managed Service Providers for Audiovisual Solutions, Video Conferencing, and Digital Workplace Technologies with operations throughout Asia Pacific, is pleased to announce we have been awarded “APAC Top Video Reseller” for the Year 2021 by Jabra during their APAC Partner Conference.

“We are excited about announcing that our regions have entered a new alliance stage with Jabra. With this partnership and our global deployment capabilities, we are confident in delivering a seamless experience for our multinational customers across the region,” said Matthew Deayton, Deputy CEO of Vega.

 As we move into a more collaborative & technology-centric way of working, the market is seeking technologies that can keep up with people’s changing working needs. This award signifies our position as a trusted, valuable partner of Jabra, and we will continue to work with the best and most innovative companies in the market to deliver fit-for-purpose digital workplace solutions for our clients.