Poly awards Vega as The No.1 Video Partner of Hong Kong of the year 2021- 2022

By Vega Hong Kong 06 October 2022

Vega is pleased to announce we have been awarded “The No.1 Video Partner of Hong Kong” for the Year 2021-2022 by Poly. Vega is honored to be a long-relationship partner with Poly. A good customer relationship is built on the basis of mutual benefit, Vega and Poly has years of cooperation and trust, continue to provide quality services.

As we move into a more collaborative & technology-centric way of working, the market is seeking technologies that can keep up with people’s changing working needs. This award signifies our position as a trusted, valuable partner of Poly, and we will continue to work with the best and most innovative companies in the market to deliver fit-for-purpose digital workplace solutions for our clients.