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Vega Global deploys fully integrated virtual classroom using Barco weConnect. Get in touch with you through the enquiry form below to find out the best hybrid learning solution for your organisation. 

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Virtual classroom

In the virtual classroom, the instructor engages with participants connecting from anywhere in the world in real-time. In this setting:

  • participants enjoy a rich, engaging experience in a virtual learning environment
  • the instructor never loses sight of their participants, not even in breakout rooms
  • meaningful interaction and high engagement are guaranteed via polls, quizzes, enhanced breakout rooms, etc.

Hybrid classroom

In the hybrid classroom, participants join part onsite and part remotely. This set up enables:

  • flexible learning according to availability and preferences
  • the best of both worlds. Learners enjoy an interesting and varied experience, both online and onsite
  • seamless interaction for everyone, with learners able to participate in the same polls and use the same whiteboard

Active learning spaces

The active learning spaces take onsite teaching and training to the next level. With weConnect, you can:

  • offer an in-person but digitally enhanced, collaborative and hyperconnected learning experience
  • take advantage of interactive tools such as polls, quizzes, whiteboard, pins
  • split participants for in-depth collaboration and group activities, and then share their work on the main display for class discussions

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