How to Accurately Measure Space Utilisation for Your Workplace?

How to Accurately Measure Space Utilisation for Your Workplace?
21 September 2020

From our dialogues with many corporate real estate (CRE) and technology professionals, and in light of the COVID 19 pandemic, it is clear that there is increasing pressure to re-evaluate the way they manage their capital investments in the upcoming years. Baseline real estate portfolios, IT plans and operational models have all been affected by these unprecedented changes. In response to this, many organisations are fast-tracking ways to optimise and convert their commercial real estate portfolio into multi-purpose and reconfigurable offices to support smarter and newer ways of working.

Our digital workplace director, Heather Li, shares her most valuable insights about her recent development of applications and capabilities that enable real-time data sets, and data-driven accuracy on space utilisation reporting solutions.

"As an ex-client myself for many years with large multinational companies, I understand and relate to most CRE and IT professionals' challenges. The constant reminder of all-rounded technology implementations, space utilisation and optimisation, often driven by well-thought-through budgetary plans made three years ago - is it still relevant today, and what cost-savings can be maximised from the commercial property portfolio? At the time of COVID-19 pandemic, there is once again the opportunity to readdress and revalue these Capex and Opex budget plans for many organisations."

"Now that I have switched to a service-provider role, it is my job to assess and tailor real estate technology solutions that are fit for purpose and practical, to help support my client's budgetary decision making and portfolio optimisation. The sensor solutions we offer at Vega are easy to use, simple to implement, and present meaningful and useful output data that is real-time and easy-to-access, to identify ways to repurposing of space. "

Heather leads the digital workplace sensor solutions offered by Vega to support CRE professionals on how to best approach their decisions on space utilisation and optimisation. We discovered our clients want to understand their current space utilisation, while facing budgetary constraints, they may not be able to invest in a permanent system, this is where our unique monthly rental sensor program can help. 

Heather added, "The sensor implementation provides real-time data sets that can support our clients in their commercial real estate usage and contribute to their decision making through reliable output reporting. We are committed to giving CRE and IT organisational leaders, an end-to-end achievable workplace technology solution. 

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