New Workplace Technologies on the Rise Post-Pandemic

New Workplace Technologies on the Rise Post-Pandemic
By Genina Ariton 09 July 2020

Now more than ever, the importance of shaping up the workplace to adapt to the post-pandemic requirements is a must. There is no more 'normal' to go back to. Everyone in the workplace must cohabitate without the risk of acquiring or spreading viruses and infections, and this is where new workplace technologies come in.

New AV technology trends:

No Touch Technology

There is no safer alternative than not having to touch the same surfaces that would normally be grappled by more than half the employees in your office, daily. And there is also no feasible way for each employee to wear disposable gloves at work, 24/7.

This is where the no-touch technology comes in. You are probably familiar with the ins and outs of the office life and you should be aware by now of the common surfaces that everyone touches. These include common room door handles and conference room equipment. Just imagine setting up a meeting or a video conference and you have to touch all the existing equipment there - plugin cables, wires and turn everything on and off.

With the no-touch technology, you wouldn't have to do all this. Your conference room will have a room booking system to ensure that you won't have to go and check the actual room to see if it's being used and to have ample time in between meetings for an on-demand room cleaning service. Room sensors will also be in place, enabling you to see the occupancy from afar. Inside, wireless presentations will be the key. Bring your device, connect sans cables, and you're set. All you need will be the proper conference room design, video conferencing equipment, and a wireless presentation system.

Huddle rooms

Some workplaces prefer not having just one or two big conference rooms. Some prefer huddle rooms. A huddle room design is simple. Most of the common elements include a relatively smaller space than your typical conference room, a central table, a video conferencing solution that can be installed quickly and easily (in case you would need to get in touch with a colleague working remotely or to reach a client), a smart board interactive display for wireless presentations. The fewer devices present, the lower the cost, and the more number of people that can use it sans training or support.

Huddle rooms work better for some organizations because of its flexibility. Smaller rooms enable you to make not just one but a couple of them in number, making the scheduling system flexible and is great for impromptu meetings, intimate communications, and offers a competitive price point. Imagine the cost of just two people using a huge conference room.

Work from home solutions

While collaboration is necessary for the company's growth, it is ideal to have some of the employees work from home to dwindle the number of people coming in. Work from home solutions is not just an option for most companies but is already integrated in their systems. Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco are examples of video conferencing systems that can be used for all employees to be able to continue collaboration despite the distance. Connecting all of them will be as easy as two clicks.

Video conferencing companies and Audio Visual Consultant

Armed with a myriad of the information above, the next step will be to find the right company to cater to your workspace needs. Each organization is different and there are several options to choose from. To determine which one works best for you will be the job of the audiovisual consultants, so make sure you reach out to the right one.

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